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Pray for Humanity

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Mother Earth,

You saw your forests - we put them on fire;

your rivers - we poisoned.

You saw us tearing each other apart and building machines to destroy the land - your land.

Mother Earth,

You saw us, and your gentle eyes let us do the harm, and let us be led by aggression and anger far away from the womb we came from.

Here we are, your creatures, running away from your Grace, fighting and arguing about who is the better to save You.

While You are just standing there gracefully in silent and watching us through your loving eyes.

You know Everything. You saw it before.

You are here for thousands and thousands of years.

You saw other creatures come and go, and there was nothing else left after them, just silence till You gave your grace again and You gave birth to an other Era. And the game started again...

You see the future and You know how things work. You know the rules, the REAL RULES, both created by ORDER and the other created by DISORDER. You know that there is an Order in every Chaos, and there is a Chaos in every Order.

But you know the utmost rule is LOVE and there is no power bigger than this.

So here you are, cuddling us around with your loving presence and silently watching how we burn our own air, kill our own animals, fight our own battles, kill each others for peace.

I honor You, I Bless you for all the love you thought me as far.

That loving womb existing deep down, is pulsating in a rhythm of love and patiently waiting for us to awake.

Your womb, that peaceful Heaven, which gave birth to the Universe, is connected to the one you created to me.

And for that womb we give birth to LOVE. And only that LOVE can change the World.

A3, black paper, color pencil, photo source: unknown.

#MotherEarth #loveaboveall #divinefeminine #sacredwomb #secretoflife #genesis #sacredsisterhood #principleofmentalism

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