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The lesson in Plague

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

A long long time ago a decision was made in the Heaven and a deadly virus was sent down to Earth to challenge all human beings. Hard time came, and death took thousands. The year was 1361.

While man admired the Nature, the price was too high, their mind could not understand the reason behind the loss and they failed the test. First fear, after doubt came and the man who could not find logical reason for the loss, turned against matter and put the rational mind to the throne. Cogito ergo Sum - they said, and they cast out the Great Mother.

Deep underground in her chain, she witnessed how the mind became their new god, and how science stepped out of the limit by subduing all their emotions, instincts, overusing all the sources, creating competitions and greed, and ruling over the ones who were connected to Mother Earth.

Rivers and Seas were polluted, Forrest were degraded, animals were abused and yes, women... oh the women became dolls in the hand of the almighty Mind.

The Great Mother, the Divine Feminine Creator of the Universe was working in peace. She knew great creation needs great sacrifices and the recipe of the Alchemical Gold is given only for the ones who's heart had been found pure in Maat's scale.

She did appear in different forms. She was dancing in every great storms, spitting lava from Volcanos, casting demons in men's dreams. They called her Kali, and painted her with several hands as she were cutting heads off from men.

The dreaded Goddess, who was cast out from Earth, gave justice from underground.

Men became desperate and increased the control over matter, but they did not know that the harder was the control, the greater was the eruption.

Order and Chaos go hand in hand and as far as man does not accept both parts, the chaos will eat him up.

Kali has been working over 700 years, patiently waiting for the Ones who's heart has the courage to face the dark and surrender to her. She has the divine spark, the living code of the whole Universe, the key for all diseases and the guidance to lead the heart back to the center. What she needs is trust.

The time is 2021. The only question remains what do you choose? Do you stay a puppet in a control machine or take the leap of faith, trust in Nature and surrender to the greatest healing and loving Mother.

The decision is yours.

“When wild men are strong enough to look at their own psychic truth, both men are guided by the Crone to their place of deepest wounding in the archetypical depth. There she puts her finger exactly on the wound that has to be healed if they are to be whole.

Only the man who is truly in possession of his inner power can afford to be vulnerable, to lay aside his mask and his projections and meet the feminine face to face....

When the power comes from within us and we can claim it as our own, then we no longer have to affirm ourselves by dominating others.”

Marion Woodman: Dancing in the flame

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