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My Love, do you remember the map I gave you? The ancient one, with the faded symbols? You searched decades to figure them out and to find connections.

You were suppressed, rejected, abused and forced to remain silent.

You may see now, I planted you as a seed to the underground, the only place where you can give birth to your own light. The darkness, no matter how much you hate it, is the only place where the divine spark is alive. It is the sacred womb where life conceives.

I needed to hide your true identity for your own good. You were challenged and tested all the way. It meant for you to be able to see with your own eyes. To see other perspectives, to understand the root behind all sufferings. To feel it passing through you and to be able to let it go.

You have searched for the meaning of those symbols and you have started to understand the Great Analogy behind all. You have understood now that in order to solve that language of other worlds, you just need to adjust your vision to be able to embrace their differences, the version out of your imagination.

Take that map now and follow your intuition.

Go up to the surface and shine your own purest light. Hold your torch and draw that line in the sand and stand your ground. Let the ones, belong to you find their way to you.

And when you return to me, that divine spark will be here to reunite with your torch.

And my Love, right then you will embrace my LOVE and we will be ONE and together we will create new Universe.

#persephone #ladyoftheunderground #hadeswife #alchemicalmarriage #asabovesobelow

A3, charcoal drawing, photo source: unknown

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