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Perfection vs. Wholeness

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

In most spiritual circles sooner or later you will meet the phrase 'love and light only or positive vibes only' and even in religious circles you can see the admiration towards saints and the denial of Evil.

The sense of perfection is deeply rooted on a false believe that Perfection leads to Paradise and Peace and it neglects the simple fact of human vulnerability.

Jung has a dissertation about comparing perfection and wholeness and he was deeply examining the issue of how perfection leads to suppression of the unwanted parts and how these unwanted parts of the human unconsciousness take the lead and break through the restriction later, causing much more damage than it can be even imagined.

Mindfulness, on the other hand, requires you to face your own mistakes and to acknowledge them. It does not require you to repress them or shame them, it only requires you to acknowledge them. It is because of the reason that simple acknowledgment is the key to transfer unconscious motives to consciousness.

Your job is not to deny the darkness and chasing the light, your job is to love yourself in the Darkness.

What is Darkness? The common misbelieve is that Darkness is bad and Evil.

In fact Darkness is the ORIGIN, the Mother, the Womb, the endless vessel of potentials, the essence of All, the birthplace of ideas. The duality does not work here, as it consists of both good and bad. It is the Whole. It is where we belong, the beginning where we came from and the end where we return. Therefore denying that part of yourself is denying the existence itself and chasing perfection will lead to the only one possible consequence, which is madness.

So what is the solution then? - You may ask. It is simple and profound and it can be expressed in one word: LOVE. Give yourself the permission to feel, to experience and to observe everything and every single changes inside you, which comes as an effect of those experiences. Examine the effects, and analyze them. Acknowledge them what they are and what they stand for. Are they protecting you from pain? Why? Where is the source for that memory of pain? Go down there and find it. Bring it to the surface and heal it. And with practice you will learn that all of your reactions are teachers about yourself, and you will also learn that Darkness is a sacred place of wisdom and you will learn to love yourself in all your perfect imperfections. And that place is where you can find Peace and Wholeness.

Photo source: Tris Crabb

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