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Perception... Stereotyping...Scapegoating - Movie Mauritanian

Perception...Stereotyping...Scapegoating Both of these words are very interesting topics in Psychology and I really wish to investigate deeper and this movie gives an opportunity to do so, however I postponed it for such a long time since I was not feel to be ready to face with my own wounds either. But having the courage to reach to the bottom can bring up clarity and healing. Not to mention that it is a TRUE STORY.

Stereotyping is - to explain it the easy way - a kind of method of sorting life out by categorizing them into boxes. The only problem with it is that these boxes came from somewhere else and are so stoned into their place that with time it takes away the ability of thinking. It turns the person into a robot who pushes and pulls boxes in an empty room. That is how a person of certain nationality and religion can be labeled as terrorist without any kind of further investigation the same way as an attractive woman from certain nationality can be labeled as prostitute without any kind of deeper investigation. It is easy to label, it takes no effort. The mind can stay out of the game and rest, withdraw and degenerate. But it gives something else as well. The stereotyping allows the user to pull the trigger and push out all the repressed anger from their entire life to that person because he/she 'DESERVES to be punished... He/she becomes the scapegoat and suddenly sits opposite to an angry group of people, with whom he/she has never met or spoken but he/she forced to take their anger and attack because it is accepted by the 'boxing system'. And all of a sudden you are the most hated individual in the entire community for a simple reason that you exist. But the real root of the problem is the ignorance, which conquers and overrides perception and awareness. The development level of the brain depends on differentiation. The more differentiated your brain, the more you understand the world around you. That is how the very dense materialistic world moves forward to lighter and lighter sublime categories. There is a saying that in order to find the TRUTH someone needs to get through thousands of mirrors and must remain sober enough not to get destructed by the reflection but to be able to go forwards and find the little entrance door hidden among them. To be aware means that you are able to separate projection from reality, and see through the motives, triggers, expectations not just of others but of your own. This is the process of clearing the boxes out from the room even the smallest ones and fill the place with brain waves which can be wired with continuous training into the highest sublime frequencies.

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