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Paradox in War

Paradox - Jung said:

“There is no consciousness without discrimination of opposites.”

Living and experiencing that historical area when you can observe the unaccepted collective unconsciousness showing up to play is hell of a ride.

Watching cruelty unfolding in the birthplace of Jesus against children of the same nationality of Jesus during the time of the “officially accepted” birth time of Jesus is huge to bear. It generates rage. But this rage “can be” as toxic as fruitful in the same time depending on how to use it.

It can be weapon or medicine.

Weapon if you sit up to the propaganda machine and get into either ignorance or mass manipulation implementing some old version of religious verse about the “sacred land and the chosen nation what is much more equal than any others so whoever deny them should be tortured.”

But it can be weapon as well if you pick up the sword and turn against that group and become just like time by hating and fighting.


Medicine if you have the courage to stand in the fire with your aching heart and hold space for the ones under oppression. The crack of your heart, which happens when it broke, will open your perspective to see that….

- There is no such a nation what is superior or chosen and it is just an ego guided misinterpretation of a sacred text written in symbolical language

- Every opinion is accepted except if it is based on someone else’s oppression or someone else’s denial of existence.

So go beyond and help us building up a Sanctuary within and out to provide a safe space of love and all the support in all diplomatic way possible to restore the Balance.

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