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Only the dead fish goes with the flow.

Have you noticed that fishes actually swim against the current. They use the force of the current to create their own path. How many brainwash stories try to shut you up and silence your true character, your intuition and your dreams by the famous slogan of “go with the flow”. No, darling, when you try to fit in, you disappear, and become a puppet like the rest of them. Having different perspectives and fire inside you to motivate that change is the real essence of life. That perspective of yours what I'm speaking about is what not only differs from the rest but allows you to dream with it and build up something only you are able to imagine because you have seen it… somewhere… in another part of the world… in another life… in another dimension… inside You… inside the Self. Mainstream media promotes the idea of “go with the flow” and gives you plenty of example on the screen from what to afraid of for the purpose of putting some idea in your mind they want to build by using you by syphoning your energy off. This is a manipulation against your own true Self. I do understand that it is much easier to just sit, listen, accept, let yourself pushed into a direction of someone else’s dream and go with the flow. But is it worthy to give up on your Self just because creating your own unique path, which will become visible by every step you take requires much more effort? Why do you live? What have you built? What is your life about? What is your unique task in this world? Will you dare to go for it?

"When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it." Henry Ford. T.S.Evita Art

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