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Oneness or Warrior or both

There is a paradox, which stuck in my mind lately. It is about opposing the Oneness theory with the Warrior spirit. More precisely are you allowed to take side if you believe that all is One, and Tat Tvam Asi - I am You?

Below is just my ideas how I found the way beyond that two opposing territories.

You came to this Earth and received a body and received several different experiences which formed you who you became. The experience you received also was influenced by your gender, race, nationality, religion which provided a perspective, a special window to see through. You have the task to step out through this window to see and experience as much perspectives as much you can and return to the Oneness seeing yourself in all.

But you are still in this dualistic Earth in your human body which has needs and is able to experience emotions (like pain and happiness). Even if you decide that you want to be a guru and do nothing just observe everything around in your Yoga mat chanting OM, your body is still here and visible and others can see you, feel you and you take up space. You can not “not affect” your surroundings. So what if you instead of chanting OM, you step out, and try to figure out why the hell you got so much experiences, what is the connection among them, what are the special skills emerging out of them and start using those skills for real. God did not send you to this world without talents. Do not hide your talent in the ground.

Go out, use them, live them, serve with them. And if you see injustice, shout out.

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