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Ode for the Seer

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

You have chosen a hard path when you decided to step down.

The gift you have - what you called curse so many times - gives you a heavy duty to bear. Seeing things in a way you do and having no one to share with, feels like holding glowing embers in your hand.

They look at you as some kind of queer fish, and they separate themselves from you, outcast you and bully you as they please.

What really happening is, people are scared. They are scared terrible from anyone who dare to question their foundations. Because that courage makes you completely free; free from the customs, cultures, religions, and all systems they are belong to. Their whole life is planned to live in a safety environment among the odds, old well-established rules, which has been working for centuries. It is perfectly good for them, they do not want to change a jot in it.

Life will change it for them instead. And when life changes it, they will panic.

You brought the frequency, which has never seen before and they are frightened from it. They have no idea what to do with it, as they have nothing similar in their thousands of years memory about it. So they do what they do the best, ridicule you and your source.

But that source, my Darling, is the ONE.

You have spent decades to master your method to connect and clear your channel for it. You have sacrificed your desires and have given your time to follow that call, which saved your life more than once.

You have learnt how to walk on that path step by step, studied books, ancient sources, made several trials by making one mistake after an other, to learn one lesson after an other.

The way you see, the way you understand things are gifts for the very few. You know where you came from, you know your true origins, and you know your true purpose. So go and shine. Shine like never before. Show them the spark, which is yours only, the stars living in your eyes, the universe which runs through your vein.

Show them the real Strength, which makes you stand in the mids of thousand thounders, and show them the true love, which holds that presence no matter what…

And never ever forget: the ones, the few who have the courage to face their wholeness -all the shadow parts, all the scary corners - are the ones who have the power to bring Heaven on Earth.

The gift you have, my child, is the rarest diamond on Earth.

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