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Nature has to take its course

Updated: Jan 2

One of the biggest lessons what I have learnt nowadays is the natural cycle of things and how essential it is to let it run its course.

It does not matter how much you try; you cannot take someone out of their learning cycle if they signed up for their own destruction. The cycle has to be completed. The sentence ‘I can’t’ is a significant code what is showing the confirmed assignment to demolition. Until the demolition is completed, they are slaved to the contractor.

You cannot project your own wonderful, magnificent and free world to someone in chain. And no matter how hard you try, it will cause enormous damage not just for the one you try to save out of it, but for you as well since the demon of that robotic chain will come out to attack you because of your trespassing.

All you can reach is to find yourself in a battlefield with empty sheaths of dying souls stringed to their rotten diabolic animal instincts. Facing the garbage was never your task. They made a contract, and they have to serve that contract till the end. That is a binding of slavery which you can not alter no matter how hard you try.

You cannot save anyone, and you did not come here to save anyone.

You come here to build your marvelous world and find the others who has already freed themselves and has the same powerful, vibrating, free energy and who are in the path of creating their own Empire.

The seed has to die in order to become a flower.

#seed #naturecycle

Fotosource: unknown

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