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Myth of Rhiannon

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

There is a beautiful story about a Welsh goddess Rhiannon, how she fought for her love and lost her kid and was falsly accused and sentenced to a humiliating service till the truth came out and she regain her glory. Later she bacame the Goddess of Horses, the icon of loyalty and they worshiped her name all over the area. When I was working on this myth it was hard to understand why was the humiliating act a necessary part of the story. When I started to dig down I figured that she was not only beautiful (which would explain the jelousy and the accusation part) but also very clever, strategic thinker. She has chosen a man of her love instead of the one who was assigned to marry her. She made a perfectly organised plan to find a way to go through with it. When the accusation occured, she created her own penalty and convinced her husband to allow to sentence her. She accepted and asked for the humiliation as she was crystal clear about her innocence and her own strength. Why is the humiliation is an essencial part of the story? Because it teaches about dignity and strength of the character. These kind of values which make the accusation powerless. Rhiannon’s story is also about the Devine Feminine power, the pulsating love, the so called passive power. It is the acceptance, and forgiveness, the power of overflow and surrender the situation with grace and dignity. marker pen, A3

photo source: unknown

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