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My Dear Sophia

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

You were there in the ancient time before anything formed, created by the twin power of Depth and Silence.

You were used, abused, exploited till the only thing left you saw around was sadness from the deepest source.

You gave birth to a lot, one monster after an other. You gave birth to Demiurge, the worst of all. But after all he created the World.

Dear Girl,

Never think about guilt. For what? Facing the shadow and go through hell? Giving birth to monsters? You gave birth to the World.

The lesson you learnt down there, the things you have seen made you that unique seer you became, the Wisdom you are.

You wont turn your face away from suffering anymore, because you were in it.

You wont turn your face away from ugly because you were as it.

You wont abandon the ones left behind cause you were abandoned once.

You gave birth to LIFE through your misery.

You flanged yourself down from the Absolute to catch the shimmering of your father reflection. Being separated from the light, there was where your search began and in the deepest well you found it.

Through your sorrow, you brought beauty and spiritual potential to the Earth.

You were the one who concealed conscious to the first son of Demiurge - ADAM. And he brought that knowledge to the world as EVE.


After all you were ascended again back to the Light where you came from and you divided yourself by leaving the part of you, the part of this light, hidden on Earth... for us... to help as a reminder.

So... Remember....

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A3, color pencil drawing

photo source unknown

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