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One of the most difficult things what they did not mention in the process of opening up and integrating bigger part of the Universe is how hard it is that you cannot share the experience and understanding with the one living in closed boxes.

Universe is an ever-expanding miracle which wants to show its marvel to you as much as you are open to receive it. But for receiving it, you need to get out of your box and let your identification go to integrate others.

Letting race, nationality, religion with all identification off is a very hard path.

People identify with them to the core, and they believe in it so desperately that their entire existence based on it, and they do not see anything out of these boxes. Even if they have a chance to travel around the world, they will go with their own familiar tribe, to create their box in their new destination, and will repeat the same old patterns without the slightest chance of experiencing others as they are.

The path what you took when you opened yourself up truly to someone else, to another culture, religion, race etc., will change you at the core, and it will shatter your illusion. That never happens without pain. The integration process takes time. At the end your identity got doubled. And from that moment, you will see the world through a double lens, first you see it through your original imprinting and also through the imprinting of your newly discovered culture. That double or later multiply layers give you the access to see and differentiate the mass, like a Prisma sorting the lights. But it also gives you a deeper sense of emotion. You will feel with them and become one with them in their happiness and in their sorrow. And you will stand sometimes alone, because your surrounding has no Prisma, and they cannot feel or even identify the depth of that Beauty.

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