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Mulan or How much your uniqueness cost

There is a great story in Chinese history about a female warrior, who saved the Emperor despite the fact that her gender was not accepted in the army.

Gender discrimination is not a new topic. It has been always there in the last 2000 years with all the undiscovered atrocity, humiliation and rejection. The only new is that nowadays these issues are brought to the surface and it forces us to face with all the damages, what Patriarchy caused not only to feminine but also to the masculine by forcing them to deny their sensitivity.

The newly released movie 'Mulan' steps forward to this topic, and dares to go deeper.

How much are you willing to sacrifice for your uniqueness? Will you stand strong in your true colors even if it results in expultion? Or will you rather reject your inner call and your uniqueness for the acceptance of the community?

And these are the real cornerstones of the personality. The questions of your dreams. Are you willing to go for them even if others ridicule you because of it? Are you strong enough to withstand the storm, which came from rejection and fear of the truth?

Will you be able to go through all the trials and be loyal to yourself and to your beliefs?

Because if you go through it, may be you will be expelled and may be you have to walk alone for a while. But the truth will be on your side. Your loyalty and that truth will shine around you like an armor and will guide you to the ones of your true family to the real warriors.

A3, marker pen drawing

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