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Miss Universe 2023

If I had a daughter, I would tell her how difficult it is to be authentic Woman in today's Fake world.

I would tell her how much effort and strength it needs to stand among the Patriarchal abuses, which disinfecting, poisoning and chloriding out the rough truth and making plastic and silicon fakeness to replace us, where the competition for Triangle can be won by a cube.

I would tell her how hard it is to watch how society loses its values and how it gets washed down by their manufactured propaganda.

I would tell her how the lack of real woman values weakening the link in the relationship and creates weak men who switch real authentic lead to control and instead of providing protection, they are getting further and further away from the Source, from the gate of their Soul.

But I would also tell her that NO MATTER WHAT, the real essence of the Divine Feminine is inside her body. I would tell her that her body is sacred, it is the Temple of Goddess, which holds the greatest miracle of all, and inside her there is the gate to the TRUE HOME, and she has the channel to bring new Souls to this Universe.

I would tell her that by simply holding her magnetic presence and share it with only the one who tested worthy, she can give birth to a NEW WORLD, where real values, true essence of love will be the foundation and Men will be proud to protect her against all the plastic fakeness and aggressive abuse.

If I had a daughter, I would tell her no matter how hard it takes, it would be worthy to stand for the TRUTH because she is powerful enough to use that channel to bring back the TRUE VALUES. And when true values are aligned, that is the definition of REAL BEAUTY.

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