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Misinformation and other myths

I received 3 (THREE) warnings from the 'Truth Ministry' this week.

- The first one was stating that the quote 'Love is stronger than fear' is considered by them being false.

- The second one stated that the quote 'Everything what we see is a perspective not the truth' is considered by them as false.

-The third one stated that the quote, 'Everything you hear is an opinion not a fact' is considered by them as false.

They threatened me with another shadow ban for 90 days.

Never has been so clear how the whole system is based on false narrative than now. When they are coronating their king with a cheating path and setting up a new role for first lady without power, and crowning the one who is famous about destroying a woman of value by adultery, we see how the apparatus keeps it hands busy marching into a robotic world of power, money and wealth.

Real values are rare, they are not connected to any nation, race or religion. Real values come from the heart.

The most important path you will ever do is that few centimeters from your brain to your heart when your Self finally leaves behind its EGO and starts it descend to the true center.

And when you arrive there, you will start to understand how beautiful the world could be if we all help each other to find out our true purpose and support each other to reach our true potential to become who we are destined to be in this life.

How beautiful this world would be if we realize that every single perspectives on Earth is another dimension to help us widening our worldview by adding new colors to it instead of subtracting from it based on an imaginary superiority.

How wonderful this world would be if we would finally start to listen to each other and hear each other's heart instead of listening to the nonstop brainwashing propaganda bombarding us with fear and separation by the media.

Because when you reach that place in your heart-center, you will reach home and you will reconnect to that utmost power of creation, which gave birth to the Universe, and that is the exact moment, when you start live fully by all means, when you start creating your very own and unique path instead of following a well-stoned one dictated by the narrative, and finally you