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Minority Report of Roe v. Wade overturn

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Couple of thoughts came up in my mind, which I wish to share based on my own life experience. Take it or leave it, but that is what I have learnt.

I came from a highly abused feminine-line and I have seen how the abused feminine could turn into toxic by the result of the desperate attempt of revenge.

I ran away from revenge to the other end of the World in a fear of becoming a toxic feminine myself and I promised to never ever show aggressivity in any form. I ended up in a place where the overpowered Masculine institutionalized in the strongest form of Patriarchy. Surprisingly, my biggest and most dangerous opponent, who stood up against me when I was fighting for human/woman rights was also a woman, who used patriarchal power in order to gain more control and her toxicity was famously poisonous.

When my lesson was learnt and that cycle closed I landed back in Europe in a different country again. My expectation was highly overwhelmed with my previous experience and I had my 'false' conclusion that patriarchy is bad because of the toxic masculine in it. But my reasoning did not match up with the stories what has been unfolded in front of me.

What I have seen in that third place were lots of toxic feminine and silenced caring masculine.

While it is the first place I have actually experienced the caring father type - which was highly needed to complete my learning-cycle to balancing out the childhood trauma - it has also taught me an other lesson about the necessity of polarities and its evidential switches in case of revenge.

Later I had the chance to investigate the feminine-line in this place as well and I found historical evidence of a deeply abused feminine history by an institutionalized religious origin.

What I would like to say is that Roe vs Wade overturn is a tragedy, which push all the achievement of human/woman rights in USA back with centuries.

BUT... aiming against the Masculine is just as toxic as the act which overturned it.

Masculine is not toxic. What is toxic is the environment where this act could overturn and the system which allows that to overturn.

Revenge in any form will just switch the opposites without any kind of results.

Turning genders against each other is the real game in the hand of that toxic system. Please see it as it is.

As Bukowski said ones 'if you destroy the Left, you tend to become the Left'.

Do not let your anger overrule your course of action.

We are the margin of changing words and we are the in-between stage where everything could happen. Right now two version of existence exists at the exact same time and we are the ones who can decide which side the wheel will turn.

We need you more than ever. We need to create a new world where you wish to live, where we could live in harmony, where we have freedom to choose about our life and our body. So put your dreams and efforts into it, aim to build.

Cease fire against the other gender and focus on changing the system.

#roevwade #womanrights #feminism #toxicfeminine #toxicmasculine

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