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Mata Hari

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

There are two sides of every coin. I can say that she was a prostitute, a seductress, a courtesan, a naked spy or I can say that she was the Ultimate Femme Fatale, the woman who dared to be a WOMAN in a mid of a patriarchal world when the only acceptable role for a woman was to be the obedient housewife.

I decided to write this post about her to step aside from the judgement as there is no woman in Planet Earth who was not accused being a prostitute minimum once in her life, even if her biggest crime was to be born as a female.

So why is her figure so important that she became immortal and her name is well-known hundred year after her death?

The Secret of Mata Hari is somewhere inside that Divine Feminine being, which we all own but only a few are able to channel deep into it.

'And I will talk about my dances - thankfully, I have pictures showing most of the movements and costumes. Contrary to what the critics who never understood me said, when I was onstage I simply forgot about the woman I was and offered everything to God. That is why I was able to undress so easily. At that moment, I was nothing, not even my body. I was just movements communing with the Universe.”

That is that so called connection to Mother Earth, what she mastered so well that she was flirting with the illusion of owning the Beast.

She was intelligent, full of courage and had the blood of the warrior. She dared to live fully, and did not care about the envy and hatred which came from those women whom given up their dreams, or from those man who could not get her.

Yes, she wanted to be accepted and loved but not for the price to give up

her own self.

She got captured and shot by squad. There was no real evidence of her being spy but her free existence in an unfree world was a crime on its own.

She was a legend, she was a dreamer, she was something extraordinary, a Free Spirit in an Unfree World.

“We all know I won’t be killed because of this stupid allegation of espionage, but because I decided to be who I always dreamed. And the price of a dream is always high.”

Mata Hari

(from the book 'The Spy by Paolo Coelho)

A3, charcoal drawing

photo source: unknown

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