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'Love and Light only' and other viruses

I met this “love and light only” community in so many places, it infected lots of spiritual and Joga communities as well. It is hard to see and explain to those who are not willing to face their own shadow why it is so dangerous to stuck in a loop of “safe bubble” where nothing grows other than repetition of old mistakes, since the reflection is completely denied.

There is a saying that ”enlightment is a lot like dying, that is the reason why only there is a few who reach it”. The road what takes to reach wholeness goes through integration. You can not be whole by declaring only the light part. Real, authentic personality requires you to face your own shadow, to deal with your buried nightmares, investigate them, learn about the ingredients, dissect them and understand its operation. All the surpressed trauma you are not willing to deal with, will come back as a trigger or projection and makes you repeat the same old mistake until you find the key in your own story. That is a hardcore path, going through and revisiting nightmares one after an other, cleaning up wounds and feeling it completely to let it wash out to the deepest. It is painful, it is hard. Sometimes you rage, sometimes you meet emotions you do not even thought exist. But facing the dragon is the only way to get the gold. It is your decision to make, to be a surface scratcher who put the hands on their ears not to hear the noise and close their eyes not to see any bad and marching through life like nothing happened desperately hanging to the light, like a damn midge around the lamp or get that ride to the deep, face it, feel it, and dive as deep as you can, conquare realms nobody ever visited before.

The choice is yours.

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