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Lockdown supporters vs. Conspiration Theorists

Nowadays I receive messages from two sides simultaneously, and it seems like there is something like a war among the conspiration theorists vs. Lockdown supporters. I want to declare that I AM SWITZERLAND. Love you both and I understand that it is a very hard time and full of very intensive emotions as everything is out of control. But may I tell you something... As everything is out of control, it also means that everything is forming now to create a new foundation. It is on us where this fluctuating mass will take us. I believe it is each and every person responsibility to take care of their own health and take care of their surroundings and loved ones as well.

But I also believe that it should not take away the right to contact with Mother Nature, who is the true essence of HEALING. There has to be a path between that two viewpoints and we should meet there. There is a way to visit Forest without making crowd and there is a way to protect and respect each other as well without spreading fear. After all we are here to create that new foundation and it is on us how to find the way. What about if we start focusing on care and love instead of judge and arguments. Remember LOVE is a frequency and not an emotion, which is vibrating much more higher than this whole argument was created. So vibrate higher!!! ❤️🙏

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