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Listen to your dreams

There are several ways to reconnect to the Divine Feminine Source. All of them is an underground journey, back to Mother Earth, to the Sacred Womb, where humanity conceived.

This is the place of the Sacred Darkness, what contains the essence of all things. It is the Saint Grail of the Divine Spark, which holds life itself. This is the place to find the true essence of existence.

Lots of people afraid of the Darkness, as it is not logical, it is unreliable just like death or sexuality. That is the reason why men tried to rationalize it. When the attempt failed, they repudiated the whole idea completely together with everything what belonged to it, including women. We became the whore, the unwanted, the sinful. Only few knew that in reality, that deep, dark source is the real Grail for the Truth. Only that few who dares to gaze in the void can have a grasp of it.

Are you the daring one?

Because if you are, I can show you one way of many how to reconnect and find out your true nature.

Before you go to sleep, ask the Divine to reveal for you the secret what you have to know about yourself and prepare a note next to your bed.

When you wake up, note all the details, whatever unreal, irrelevant it seems.

Do it each nights and try to see the similar symbols occurring.

This is the field of dream-analysis. Since all dreams are unique, giving a general vocabulary would be useless. But there are some guidance to help you on the journey to identify archetypes.

- Basement, underground, underwater scenes always the sign of initiation into the unconsciousness, into the deeper knowledge and always comes with fear, which you need to face to enter.

- Water, beach, any kind of watery surface is a sign of Baptism, also an initiation to deeper knowledge. Being afraid of chocking or disappearing, dissolving in the Darkness is the most ancient fear from the Divine Feminine, and the most sacred trial, which the candidate needs to meet.

Note all the male and feminine figures occur in your dream. All of them unique representations of you. Anima and Animus in its original appearance tells you everything what you need to know about yourself. Write down and analyze those figures.

Jung's deep studies, and Marion's guidance speak about how the Anima and Animus make their entrance as scary figures. Do you remember the fairytale Baba Yaga? She is the hag, the ancient sacred doorkeeper. It is not an easy journey, as it asks you to face your own shadow and accept it fully. But this is the entrance of the Most Sacred Place to your true Divine Self.

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