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Lady D.

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

The Woman with grace and dignity; The Princess.

I was thinking a lot about how to summarize her, as her name became a definition of elegance and grace and everything what is real woman. How can I touch and write down the essence of that magic she had?

I realized it is just too much task to do so I chose one aspect, which I believe made her who she was. This is the aspect of being able to touch the unwanted. She bent down and touched all the stigmatized. She fought for the ones other rejected. She did campaign for the victims of HIV/AIDS, leprosy and stood up for these people even while the royal members gave her the denial look. But she did not need their approval.

What made her so great in my eyes is that she turned towards the rejected ones and gave that special attention to them, and created her own world with her own values, out of the royal rules.

She was Lady Diana and her name stands alone as a unique diamond in the World.

A3, marker pen drawing

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