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La Loba meditation

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

As the first day's theme of the "Seven aspects of the Strong Woman" program, I summarized the essence of the teaching in one deep-meditation. It is a woman empowering meditation to awakening the ancient woman inside.

Here is the script of the meditation...

In a few moments we are going to go to a wonderful journey to meet La Loba, the Wolf Woman, the Keeper of ancient history and wisdom of the feminine soul.

So sit or lay down in a comfortable position, let your muscles rest and relax.

With your eyes gently closed, take a few deep breaths. Imagine that you can breathe out the tensions and stresses in your body... Imagine that you can breath in the beautiful energy all around you... Let each breath take you deeper and deeper into a beautiful state of relaxation. Now relax all your muscles.

Let any outside noises or distractions only deepen your level even more. Imagine or visualize or feel a beautiful light above your head. You can choose the color of the light. This light will deepen your level and heal your body. Let the light flow down, from above to below, like a beautiful wave of light, touching every cell, and every organ in your body with peace and love and healing... Now, imagine or feel the light completely surrounding the outside of your body as well, as if you were wrapped in a beautiful bubble or cocoon of light. This protects you, heals your skin, and deepens your level even more...

In this wonderful state of peace, imagine yourself walking into a night camp in the desert. There are thousand stars above your head to lead the way among the huts. There is a little hut made of wood and leaves in the mid of the camp and a lady comes out with a bundle in her hand and settles down in front of a fire place. She is dressed in a light long skirt with mythical signs printed around it. She puts the bundle next to her and starts to make the fire. The orange flame of the awakening fire dances together with the stars and you feel the warmer air surrounds you and you feel like you are in safe and protected circle.

The lady invites you to join and she nicely opens the knot of the bundle to share the inside with you. Deeply inside you, you know that the bundle has historical memories and powerful treasures all connected to you. You accept the invitation, and settle down next to her. She takes out little white bones to the sand in front of you. Each little bone represent your past and your memories, the ones which are almost forgotten. The first the little bone represents when you were child and had wonderful memories in safe surroundings. As she takes out the bones you see pictures from your past of that memory. The other bone represents the memory of your school-time and you see yourself surrounded by your old friends. The next bone represents your first steps out of your parents house and it represents the celebration of braveness and encouragement you have. After she dig deep done to the bundle and brings up lots of very tiny little bones... tones of them. These bones represent all kinds and sweet acts you made to bring light to others life. She whispers a nice, ancient song to the fire and gently move her body back and forward in front of the fire and the fire stars to burn in a purple light.

She opens the bundle again and takes out a large, white bone. It is your connection to the ancient past, representing ancient Egypt and the lives in the Ancient Egypt around the pyramids.

She takes an other piece out, it is a large white bone as well and it somehow reminds you that Maya traditions in Mexico, and you see and feel the powerful women dancing around the fire in a camp near the Mayan pyramid. She opens the bundle again and takes out an other large bone, and you see the history of an other ancient time and you see Shakti, Kali and all the Goddess dancing around an other fire in an other time.

She puts these bones in order and assembles a skeleton. Only the spine is missing. You feel that the fire of each time and place centered in the present moment in this camp and all the energy of the ancient ones are in the flames of this fire, which the woman awakened. The fire goes high and forms a strong, very long flame to reach the stars.

La Loba opens the bundle again and takes an extra large piece out. It looks like a spine. It represents Mother Earth and the womb gives birth to all livings.

She stands up and starts to dance around the long large bright flame and sings a song. The sounds of the song travel far away, spread out of the camp and up the stars. She takes a drum out of her bundle and starts to play the rhythm of your heart. She sings and plays and dances, and in this bright flame you see that the bones begin to flesh out and the creature becomes furred. La Loba sings some more, and more of the creature comes into being, its tail curls upward, shaggy and strong. And La Loba sings more and the wolf creature begins to breathe. And still La Loba sings so deeply that the floor of the camp shakes, and as she sings, the wolf open its eyes, leaps up, and runs way down the canyon.

Somewhere by the speed of its running the wolf is suddenly transformed into a laughing woman who runs free toward the horizon. You see and feel her inside you, cause you are that strong woman. La Loba holds your hand and gives you the bundle. You know that this is your bundle and you can take it with you and you can do a fire for yourself and awaken her anytime you need.

A3, color pencil drawing

photo source: unknown

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