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Jung or Journey to the Unconscious

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Archetypes, Anima- Animus, Shadow, Collective Unconscious - some of the definitions Jung brought into the field of Psychology.

While his view about the complexity of unconsciousness separated him from the friendship of Freud, it brought us a brand new approach and a brand new path.

But... is that really a new one, or has he found something ancient, and real which need to be considered if someone wish to reach to the deep core of the human soul?

Alchemy, the study of the human soul, the individuation - as Jung called it - is a process of integrating the opposing parts, the conscious and the unconscious for the pure aim to harmonize them.

The theory of the ancient ones, or the theory of Jung - shows a much more detailed picture than which Freud ever considered. Jung stepped over from the one-liner ideas - everything driven from sexuality - and went deeper to introduce other sources. Collective unconscious as an example for one of the other source - is an ancient database of knowledge and experience exists in each and every human and reachable for all of us.

However, the process of individuation, not only introduce to you more sources to consider, but also leads to the feared 'dark-door'. 'Dark door' of 'negative' feelings, fears, nightmares, which were forbidden by religion and by most of the other psychological approach, is the key to understand the real triggers to our personality. The door, which makes you face with all your fears, all your wounds, exists for the sole reason to learn to know yourself, and to learn to control these triggers.

And after all, the deeper you get, the more side of the story of your own self reviles for you. The more sides revile, the more authentic will your behavior be. And as you go deeper into the understanding of your own self, you will reach a deeper connection with the One and Real Source, which contains all the others, the All in All, the Universe.

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