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Jolie made it

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Angelina is unquestionably one of the greatest influencer. You can love or hate her but what she brought to the table with regards to her humanitarian, movie-making or children-care activity is something extraordinary and for that, I admire her.

The movie Maleficent is one of the great one not only because it portrays the Baba Yaga archetype from a totally different point of view but also because it offers reconciliation from that ancient wound we all suffer.

In Psychological meaning we can speak about the basic wound/rubbery/steal/betrayal which happens with all of us during our lifetime and causes major damage. That gives us the urge to leave the well-known path to find a way back to the 'womb' to the peace-land.

This is the journey to figure out your own worth, your own value, your weakness and strength and establish your belief based on you experience.

The results of how you ride your journey are the building-rocks of your future empire.

You learn, you experience, you make your own decision and you build up something in your life according to your belief. Using this to destroy others or lift others up is entirely on you and it will be seen from the outlook of your establishment, and will speak about how you learnt those lessons to put those rocks together.

One thing is sure,

There is no Empire without going through your own salvation, and you can not win over a demon which you did not tame within yourself.

A3, black paper, pencil drawing

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