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A tale for the Awakening of the Divine Masculine

Tales are symbolic messages which are able to reach our hidden archetypical motives.

My favorite writer Maria Szepes used tales to tell her ideas where the political circumstances did not allow, and I wrote the Winter Tale to tell my story about my time spent in the Middle East.

I drew a lot of picture about my guardian as a Great Bear who has been my great protector, a Higher Self for a very long time.

And here is a story from Philip Pullman, the Golden Compass, which is sophisticatedly layered to be able to reach down to so many levels if you have the eyes to see.

Iorek Byrnison is a portreit of an other Great Bear, this time a Warrior Masculine, who’s armor was stolen by ill-intentioned corrupt system, and who has suffered deeply from this loss. The armor, the strength of the Masculine is not only a physical outlook but is also described as his true Soul, the perfectly manifactured masterpiece from all the lessons, skills and pride of his journey.

Iorek Byrnison, the one who went through the path of betrayal, humiliation but at the end found the way to his stolen treasure and reconnected to his Soul.

We spoke a lot nowadays about the Divine Feminine, here is one for that majestic powerful loving Divine Masculine from the master Philip Pullman

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