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Imagination and Dopamine or the self-healing system

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Nowadays I tried to explain meditation to someone who has never done it.

I described it as ' it is a story about you. You need to close your eyes and imagine what is said to you just like when you listened a fairytale when you were young. You imagine what you hear, and by imagining it, your brain switches on a special light-panel inside you, which creates extra warm, happiness and healing to you.

When I was writing the La Loba meditation, my aim was to write a story in a way that it not only includes the major elements of the myths but also it connects the archetype, the symbolic meaning of the elements. I used symbols in a way Jung mentioned it, to trigger the subconscious mind to awaken the ancient Anima.

Our brain is a birthplace to many idea and also the birthplace of future reality. It has a power to create and it is on us how we use it and how deep we can explore it.

While I was doing researches for my dissertation about creative mind, I compared the brain activity among meditation practitioners and visual artists in a dimension of using imagination. While my research material was based on tests I believe it is worthy for deeper investigation how the brain uses imagination and what are the effects of it.

I believe dopamine is one of the neurotransmitter what is involved in imagination. By definition it is the neurotransmitter, which helps to control the brain's rewarding and pleasure centers, and helps regulate emotional response and certain movement.

The low dopamine level may be the cause for addictions and also dopamine deficiency is the cause of Parkinson's Disease.

Dopamine is also connected to immune system as the dopaminergic system modulating the immune system.

If I continue in this line, I would assume, that while using creative activities and/or imagination, we activate those dopamine (release or block of its reuptake) and the dopamine-level gets higher in our body causing pleasure, happiness, and empowering our immune system.