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If I were a man

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

If I were a man, everything would have happened so smooth.

I would not have been bullied as 'crazy bitch' or I would not have been shouted 'learn your place' from every man, who sexually insulted. I would not have been labeled and victimized and dealt like 'she was "most probably" a slut kicked out from an other country, so you can spit on her freely'. I would not have been attacked and assaulted just because I dared to stand up for myself and I would not have been forced to disclose the most painful wounds, which I earned during my fight against organizational bully, just to justify that MOST PROBABLY NOT.

If I were a man, I could say whatever I want. I could do whatever I want and I would not need to justify my statement, because everything I say would automatically be considered as truth. I could choose any profession as my studies would be accepted and even if I bully others I could be elected to be a president.

But I was born to be a WOMAN. I was born to love and feel, and surrender. I was born with the ability to bring human souls to this world and with the ability to heal. I was born with the connection to the greatest wisdom of Mother Earth and with the ability to give birth to new ideas and give voice for the weak ones. I was born to be the force of the Nature.

I was born to experience the world through the eyes of a Woman and I was trained extremely hard to be able to see and withstand the corruption of the genders what is sickening our world. But that training also gave me the sight to see that I am not the only one. There are others who see, understand and fight against this corruption.

There are MEN (with full capitals) with vision, who had enough from the corrupted world as well and despite the power of the oppressor, they dare to stand and fight side by side with WOMEN. There are MEN who do not want to be in that power-manipulated culture and understood the value of vulnerability. There are MEN who see that grounding into the force of Nature will give them wings to fly and a land to return. There are MEN who understand that emotions are gifts for greater understanding and with a safe ground, they can explore new universes. Those MEN have chosen the harder path because they know what real values mean.

At the end, even if I were a man, I would be the One with full capital, standing up against bully and fighting for a better world.

A3, marker pen drawing, source unknown

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