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Updated: Feb 18, 2020

I was to write about the 'La Loba' program today but I saw Trevor Noah's reply to the French Embassy in the news and it touched a very sensitive point, which I have been spending lots of time to find deeper understanding.

The argument was about the statement Trevor said 'Africa won the FIFA World cup'.

The question is here, what defines who you are? Are you the nationality you were born, or the nationality you socialized or the race and skin color you have? Which one? Or how can be all together?

All of us has a point in our life when we seek the truth about the real identity and belonging.

I tell you only what I have figured as far. It is not too much but at least it could be a starting point and you can add your own version to it.

I believe you are a very unique energy, a kind of special formula, trademark (aura), which was emerged from one or several race/nationality to experience life from different viewpoints one life after an other. But what makes you unique is that certain energy color and pattern which you radiate, and which you are almost unable to notice because it can be seen and feel only by the others around you. This is the true essence who you are.

And yes, it can change color-shades by effect of certain emotional or other influence but the basic uniqueness of the color-essence will remain the same.

The other part of the questions is the belongings? Where do you belong in case of having more than one nationality and socialized more than one society?

I believe you belong to all. The more you encounter the more you are, and the wider is your acceptance for the others. You can be that unique color in lots of different palette which makes our world just much more beautiful.

Does that make any sense?

A3, marker pen drawing

photo source: unknown

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