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I have a dream

I have a dream of a better world. I believe that this crisis gives us an opportunity to use the chaos to build a new norm.

I stand for equality - we need to bring in the ones who were pushed to the periphery by the cruelty of the society. Kicking out people wont make you richer, it makes you a monster. Do you rememer the story of the Castle, which locked the doors from the hungry people and everyone died in and out? It was not the hunger what killed them, it was the cruelty. It is not the virus you need to be afraid of, it is the cruelty.

Standing up against bully wont make you popular but it makes you human.

I stand for freedom - everyone has the right to their own private life and secrets. If you want to live together with 4 UFOs and 6 lamas, go for it. Nobody has the right to judge you, or accuse you as far as you dont hurt others. Accusation is a weapon of the fools. Real gentleman is a high-class act and can not be expected from the weak ones. Be the one who reach to the high.

I stand for respect - everyone deserves a chance to be heard and everone deserves to be respected. Being labeled by goships is cruel. Just because someone has different experience than you, it does not mean they lie, it means they have seen other parts of the world than you. If you open up and let them be who they are, your world can be expanded too. See the magic you can do by the simple act of acceptance and watch them how they start to thrive.

I stand for love - it is the highest vibrational energy on the World and is able to open doors where there is none. When is the more right time to do it than in a crisis situation. We are standing in a ground, which was watered by 9000 innocent babies and famous about humiliated and abused 56 000 women. It is the wound what still exists, It is the norm what still exists. It is our responsibility to change that cruel social norms. Crisis is the greatest catalyst. Use it.

I believe in a better world.

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