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Nowadays I have real difficulties to somehow get over the injustice, what I see in global scale, how a state is committing the worst war crime after stealing the land from the indigenous people by humiliating and tort4uring and ethn1cally clean31ng them, while the rest of the population looks like in a coma-delirium stating that they see nothing wrong with it. Nothing wrong… like they are blind or on crack. And they just go on with their life noted that it is not their concern.

On the other day I participated in a meeting about tribalism and among the positive treats self-esteem and identity were mentioned. I raised the question, what if you have more than one tribe you belong and one of them wish to kill the others? What happens then? How can you not tear apart yourself in the mid?

The answer I found was not from that meeting but came to me from a book (Miguel Ruiz: The Shaman’s path to freedom). He was speaking about masks, which you take on and off as a tool but never forget that it is only a tool/mask and nothing more.

Having a nationality is something that you have born into. But we can speak about tribe in professional, artistic, religious categories as well. If you could not reach the state to figure out who you really are out of the cage of your nationality/religious-artistic-professional group and you are still using these titles as a badge of honor, truly identifying with it, you are a prisoner. You distract yourself from experiencing the bigger picture to integrate the whole.

You are not a nationality, degree, race or religion. You are a unique vibe with brilliant colors in its aura, and you shade its colors into gray as soon as you identify with any labels.

Only the one who dares to be isolated, alone, facing with his shadow is the one who truly see the unique identity without labels.

On that level you will realize that all of these titles are just flavors to use but not your identity. And the more you open your mind, the more of the Wholeness can integrate into you.

Compassion and understanding will emerge, and you would never walk away from someone in need because you won't see them as a race and definitely not as a sub-race. You will see the magnetic aura colors vibrating around them and would never close your eyes in front of the most documented gen0-cide in human history.

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