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Humanity in the mid of Genocide

A doctor in Gaza was speaking about human kindness how the Pa*les*tinian people selfless act shines and breaks through the hellish darkness what I*srael builds.

Despite the evil-mind what has already set up pages on internet selling luxury appartments on the dying body of the Pa*lesti*nien people, they are standing in resilience next to each other, sharing the little they have, saving others out of the rubbles with their bare hands, holding each other up. They are standing in their truth, sending images and reports out of the hell, where even their organs are stolen and cut out of them. They got shot and next day they are standing in front of the camera despite of the pain of their injury to wake up the blindfolded ones and show the world how the big liars destroy the evidence.

They are the true resistance, the core essence of HUMANITY, the crystalized version of the Soul, the ones only appear in the deadliest darkest night.

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