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Hold Space

In psychology there is a step-by-step explanation how human reaches the level to degrade their own partner from another race/discipline/religion etc. It always started with jealousy. They see something in the other, which they cannot have. Most probably they cannot even describe what it is. A vibe around that other person/tribe what is so irritating, because it reminds them something they (were) rejected long time back and now they do not have access again. Maybe it was a dream those people followed, or the way how they walked in authenticity. But it generated envy and turned into hate.

The only way to resolve their cognitive dissonance was to degrade that shine and label it as sickness or dirt and try with all force to put it under the carpet not to have any reminder of the option that it can be done better.

Carpet-bo*mbing for example. It is going on so long now and I know we all so tired of it. But they trying to wi*pe a whole nation out in daylight in front of our nose, painting it as a w*ar, while the so called “authority” does not help but instead sends more g*ns to finish the deal. They lost contact with human values and cannot see their own neighbors as human anymore.

Attention and intention have power. If we think we are tired, what do you think how tired the ones are who are living that reality.

Yes, we can turn away and start to think of happy and shiny things to keep “the vibe high” while they cut them down.

But we are not here to follow the Ego and march blindly into self-entertainment, ignoring the other half of us.

It was never easy on the path of wholeness because it requires to see and touch the ugly, the dirty, the bad. The path of the truth was never for the weak ones, but for the ones who wish to heal and integrate.

We are here to hold each other up. Not just the ones who are already up but the ones pushed under.

Attention and Intention matters more than you think. Keep the eye on the road, warrior. We need you.

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