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Hold Presence - In memoriam Marion Woodman

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Today when a great soul passed away from the physical world I can not go forward without greeting her remarkable work she left for us.

Marion Woodman, as a Jungian analytical psychologist, has been working on symbols, archetypes and dreams interpretations. She gave special attention to the feminine and masculine energies and their appearance and interactions.

She defined the major role of feminine in "holding presence".

What does it mean exactly "Holding presence"?

We are living in the modern world which speeded up all the processes and step by step it has taken away all the personal touch from the society. It is like removing the heart from the system and what is left, the rushing hours, the monotony and the routine. While Marion described the process as the result of the patriarchy, she added that patriarchy is not equal nor similar with masculinity. Patriarchy - she said - is a power principle which causes suffering even to the masculine.

Here are we living in a modern society with less and less personal touch and more and more rushing. One side we have reached farther distance then ever, but on the other side we lost the sense of feeling and we became disconnected from the one next to us.

Holding presence - the feminine essence - is the loving spirit, the surroundings, the ambiance around.

Holding presence is the act of undivided attention.

'Holding presence is to make space so the other can grow into their destiny. '

Marion also made a valid point to draw similarities between that Jungian archetypical behavior and the quantum physics. How else can you describe that presence more clearly than the observer behind the lenses, the outsider viewer who by observing the actions creates changes on the outcome? That is why feminine essence is so crucial here.

That is the present what gives you peace of mind. That is the present, where you can share all your secrets, your doubts and fears, your dreams and wishes; where you can act silly or any kind cause you know that it is perfectly fine and accepted. This is the presence, where you feel you are someone without wearing any mask by simply just being you.

Today, where patriarchy made all the effort to separate the soul from the human, it is the urgent call to be that Feminine who brings that Soul back, who holds that presence to make it happen.

Be the listener, be the one who accepts and appreciate the other as he/she is.

Be the one who hold that presence when the other is falling, when there is no word to explain the need for a hug.

Be the one who allows the other to open up completely with all the colors of his/her personality and be the one, who are there to motivate them to become the best of their version. Be the safe ground, be the Earth, be the home for all.

A3 size, marker pen drawing

Photo source: unknown portreit

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