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His Dark Materials

The year was 2007 when the movie Golden Compass from Philip Pullman book came out. Despite the fact that I had not read the book yet I was astonished by the deepness and the idea of matter and spirit. I took my marker pens out and drew my version of the compass. Much later I found the book in a bookstore in New York and figured out that its a collection of 8 books together. But it took an other long period of time to reach the state to read it. There came the next surprise that the book goes much deeper in details about the so called “Dark materials” which provided ground for a deeper research to connect the dots with the original concepts of the author. We knew since Maria Szepes that ideas do not die they are just laying there to be discovered and sometimes they need to be hidden and disguised in tales because of their accuracy. So I investigated forward in the scientific field but also in literature, and figured out that actually 3 books are adopted to movie screen under the name ”His Dark Materials” and I have to add that 3 seasons grabbed the main idea of Philip Pullman and delivered the essence of a very important message. No wonder why it was banned.

Marker pen drawing, A3 size by my own

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