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Hesse: Demian or the real story of Cain and Abel

As much as I hated Hesse Siddhartha, I loved the book about Demian. It felt like the two sides of the same coin. Siddhartha looked like a daily walk in sunshine without real weight, while Demian dares to touch the wildness, the secret of the dark. If I could say that Siddhartha is for the public, for the surface scratchers and Demian.... Demian is a deep dive for the ones who dare to face the truth. It is the one what speaks about Cain and Abel from a totally different perspective then what was accepted by the public. What if, Cain is the real hero, who sufferes through his life, taking the blame from his prick, show off, dady-favorite brother. Would it be so hard to believe that your idea about the lovely first born, using his voice in any occasion he could, marching next to dady, using the heritage rights to grab all the attention and privilege is actually the bad one? And Cain is the one who carries the weight of all the secret sins of his brother chaining by the obligation of the family bloodline. What a totally different view could it be. But you wont care, because digging down to find the truth takes efforts and requires courage. So you just stay cool at the surface, enjoying the sunshine, and if something suspcious crap shows up on the way, you just turn away, switch the media on and learn what you have to believe about it.

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