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Her Highness Mary Magdalena and her Sacred duty of Divine Feminine

Do you know the story of Mary Magdalena?

No, not the one what the Council of Nicaea and the whole fat Patriarchal Clerical apparatus made up to destroy her, but the TRUTH.

She WAS NEVER a prostitute. She was the HOLDER of the Purest, Most Sacred Divine Feminine Energy what has ever arrived to Planet Earth. But the purity of the beholder held the sacred fire, which was shining in her eyes, and that eyes caught the attention of some greedy fat men on the top of that apparatus, the ones, who could not handle rejection.

Purity and Beauty have a very high cost in a world where the Divine Masculine is stripped off from their protective power. The Divine Feminine is standing alone against the Goliath and fighting a war to save humanity, save real value and save the Soul of the Earth, till the Divine Masculine awakens.

Mary Magdalena was the HIGHEST PRIESTESS prepared for her duty from her entire life to be with Jesus and to hold him in her Sacred Grail while he delivers his highest task.

She was the chosen One, the highest and purest of all.

The Grail of her was the place of Home, the Place of Resurrection, the Entrance to the Source.

She came to Jerusalem, when she received the message from Above, that it was time. She came and she did not turn left or right, she went straight to find the Son of the Carpenter, who preaching about Life beyond the Mundane.

She was sent to provide the Source to Him. Their sacred Union created an impact which has spread through the Entire Planet and touched millions. That UNION was so magnetic, and so powerful, that people healed even if they just get closed to them. He taught, he preached, and she provided the magical ground from behind. But their influence caused political problem in the structure and jealous evil eye awakened. They took her away from him and blamed her with prostitution, destroyed her reputation and tortured her. As they took her from him, they tried to negotiate with him offering all the women, all the money, all the power but he rejected. His holy Ground was taken away from him. Nothing could compare with that.

Rejection against a highest worldly apparatus means, that the person who rejects, is aware of their own free will and willing to use it no matter what. That kind of freedom is rare. That kind of freedom is a gift of the Ones, who stepped through the Gate of Fear and tested on Fire.

They knew what the price of that bravery was, since they agreed to be assigned to do so long before their birth.

And when Jesus stepped through the gate of Death, that was the time to perform her Greatest Task of all. Together with Jesus's Mother, Mary, they united their Divine Feminine Sacredness, opened that Portal between Life and Death through their Sacred Grail, and with the Holy Presence of Resurrection they brought him back from the Death. The DIVINE MOTHER who brought Jesus to this world once, with the power of Love of Mary Magdalena, did it again. Together, they opened up the channel between the visible and the invisible and they performed the greatest Miracle of all.

The Highest Secret of the power of the Divine Feminine, the gatekeeper of the Worlds, the Saint Grail itself needed to be hidden in a World where money and power is the only dominance. Nicaea rewrote the story to their own benefit, and they created the propaganda for the next thousands of years against all the women who ever have that glitch of that fire in their eyes.

Till one day, a new Earth has been awakened, when Truth could not be hidden anymore.

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