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Green-eyed Monster

I have a Stalker…

This is definitely not the ownership I wanted.

First it started more than a year ago with a strange encounter and since it was getting more and more impolite, I hit the stage to stand up and warn her about her behavior. But I had to realize that living in a rural area despite the fact of its beauty also had the disadvantage of the unavoidable encounter of the status of the lower class in lacking the necessary intelligence to establish a purposeful life. So as soon as I warned her, I found myself in the mid of a ghetto grouping up against me. That experience was one of a highlight of my last year followed by some abusive messages I received.

Couple of months spent and my green-eyed companion specialized her interests on me, and every time she found out my whereabout, she made her scene, and my ignorance was just oil to the fire. It reached the level when I decided to rather stay at home than visit public places since each time I went out, one of the members of this ghetto got activated.

This New Years Eve I went out again after almost 4 months without any kind of socialization with the locals. Stepping foot inside a pub was enough to ignite an attack. She seemed to be waiting for me and as soon as I stepped in, a cruel harassing chase started, attacking not only me but my company as well. And when I stood face to face to warn her, she again got the ghetto to support her and threaten me.

Wanting a life to be left alone sometimes seems like too much to ask in a world where cruelty is the main way to go forward but there is something else here.

Cruelty is the symptoms of a bleeding person, who did not receive the required attention and instead of developing values by doing hard work, they develop self-hate and project it out on the ones who has what they are lacking.

Most of the stalker cases came from young adults, basically from kids who’s mental, emotional development has not completed yet.

The question is emerged, where is the mother?

Or rather where is the parenting?

That lack of attention what caused all the harm is supposed to be given by the mother. That lack of parenting is a damage to the heart.

Tell me, what is so important in a life of a mother, that she is willing to neglect her own child and either ignores that her kid slowly goes down on the path of a criminal or is not aware of it.

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