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Glimpse of life

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

I had the greatest pleaure to host a wonderful elderly Irish couple in the last few days. They were the kind of unique people, whom you eager to wait at the morning table to hear their stories, cause these stories are full of life and wisdom. These stories are the invitation for your mind to travel to a Universe of different times, places, poetry, art and music. It is an invitation to dance in the rhythm of the flow of different areas 1956, 1939, story of Clifden back in 1800s, and back to 2018, travel through Moscow, Toronto, New York, Goa, Sri Lanka, South Ireland, with Wagner, T.S.Eliot, ballet and Renessance, Monet and Jazz. These are the stories which engage all your senses and you wish more and more. And these are the people you just listen with wide open eyes, giving all your attention cause these are the people who are the definition of LIFE, who have the wisdom and the vision from real meaning of things.