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Genius Loci - Spirit of the Place

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Every place has an ancient history about how it was drawn into existence and how it survived and thrived, how the place shaped during the decades.

It also has the story of its people, their movement, their beliefs, their wars, their achievement, their sacrifices and all their harmful acts as well.

It also has a governing system, a certain society, a so called 'ruling code' - deciding which religion, political view is the accepted one, and a method of how to deal with minorities etc.

And it also has a 'geological code', the location on Earth which determines its climate, its ecology, its minerals.

All of these four qualities provide a special and unique signature to that land as a so called special 'vibration-code'?

"As Science recognizes forms and organisms that can be perceived with special instruments only, shamans say there are life-forms and beings in other realms, that are only perceptible in non-ordinary states or with extended perception."

(Ralph Metzner: Ecology of Consciousness)

Genius Loci is a kind of other dimension entity 'myths' mentioned first in the classical Roman religion. As per definition it means the distinctive atmosphere or the guardian deity of a place. It is both a 'vibration-code' and a 'guardian'.