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Gabor Mate, the rational Shaman of the modern world

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

We speak a lot about Divine Feminine, and Feminine Rising but we neglect or try to overrule the Masculine without considering that Matriarchy is as much dangerous as Patriarchy if the other side is rejected.

The exact same thing happens with the theory of light and dark. We have plenty of philosophies concentrating only on positivity while neglecting, ignoring or overruling the negative side. If we turn blind eyes towards the triggers and traumas, we will never heal.

Gabor Mate is one of the very few individuals who explains what authenticity really means. He not only explains the phenomena but also he explores all the social, cultural and psychological factors which lead to that 'alienation' or separation from the Divine.

How did we get so disconnected from Nature, from other people, from our work, and from ourselves that we stopped to rely on our intuition and turned to addiction to substitute it. How did we manage to build up a culture where medication controls behavior instead of searching for the reason for that behavior? How did we create such a belief system saying that mainstream medication is the only way to heal while in real it separates our mind from our body and also it separates our individual self from our environment.

What happened with caring? What happened with human touch? How did we end up building a world, which we want to escape from and the only escape is leading us to a one-way-down-path to addictions?

Authenticity starts when we accept and allow our not-so-welcomed dark side to speak and show itself. Authenticity starts when we learn to face difficulties and stop running away from them. Authenticity starts when we dare to say if something wrong and dare to accept the fact of imperfection. Authenticity is the pure Divine Energy which is never only dark nor light but the harmonious complex of various colors in-between them.

Who else could be a better example for a topic about Divine Masculine if not Gabor Mate, the so-called rational shaman of the modern world.

As a specialist of Neuroscience, Psychiatry, Psychology; he seeks not only the roots of the problem but he also helps us heal those deep wounds.

As a survival of a Nazi genocide, he is the most accurate source holding the crystalized wisdom of our modern world's disease.

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