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From the River

Artists are the Soul-painters. They catch the meaning behind words, when the voice is silenced.

Despite the fact that my posts about the ongoing ge-no-cide are heavily shadow banned, 1 million views have been reached again and an other thousand people joined.

I feel deep appreciation for finding Souls, who are just like me shocked by the revealed truth and standing amazed with admiration seeing the extraordinary resilience and the most beautiful heart of the Pa-le-sti-nian people.

Among the most inhuman living conditions for more than 75 years, where the de-hu-ma-nization psychological process developed to its lowest, they show us what it means to be HUMAN, and what the word Humanity really means. We have failed to protect them but in reality, they are the one who are saving us. They are the one who turned the tide and showed us what are the real values which deserve to be kept.

Their example is the cornerstone to build a better world.

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