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From the depth of the Wild

Updated: May 10, 2021

The hunter

Following the trail of the wild, he learnt to read the signs. That knowledge was passed on through the ancient heritage line of his Grand- Grandfather.

Every step he makes is planned by detailed preparation. His awareness is as sharp as his sword.

His emotions and thoughts are trained under great pressure to learn how to gain control over them even in the most dangerous situation. He does not get destructed by them or by any outside influences.

He works with the rhythm of the Nature.

His senses are focused and concentrated.

He touches the nerve of the tree and feels the whole circulation of energy, which combines all the trees together.

He hears the slightest noise taken by the heavy wing of a Hawk flying above his head.

He smells the changing in the wind, and locates the closeness of the wildlings.

He sees the formation of the flock of the birds and contemplates the exact time of the arrival of the storm.

He tastes the blood of the wounded animals, and measures the lost force within.

All the four elements, all the livings, all the animals are speaking to him. His heart is trained and pure, and therefore it represents the greatest power and the greatest gentleness. They trust him as he respects and understands the language of Mother Earth.

He knows that all is connected, and he feels how all the gathered signs draw up a map in his heart.

Far beyond his logic, where wisdom sits, his heart settles in the purest energy-channel coiled in the bottom of his spine, waiting for the perfect moment to rise.

He follows the track of his pray from a distance and learns its behavior in patient.

He waits for the perfect moment in silent, and catches it with ease.

A3, charcoal drawing

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