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Frida vs. Siddhartha

Herman Hesse books always hide a spiritual journey within, sometimes it plays out in your mind later in totally a different way than how it was expected.

Siddhartha was the first book I have read from him, and it almost made me throw it away till I got to read the book Damien, and I finally managed to balance them out.

Everyone praised Hesse's masterpiece for me and maybe it was my expectation which suffered the great hit, but that book was everything but...

All I have seen is Siddhartha, the prick, with zero responsibilities, full arrogance marching through everyone without a slightest consideration about them. And that is when it became interesting, and where the journey began.

So I went back to investigate why I have so much rage against this book.

It happened that my life played out in a way that the same day I was to do my research about Frida's life and at the evening settled with Siddhartha and that two lives were like the two end points of the scale. Both of them hide a spiritual journey but with the opposite qualities, and I highlight 'quality' here as nothing good or bad just simply different.

If I try to explain my point of view about them, it is the two different spiritual paths of the Male and Female journey. The Masculine is ascending to find the God, the Feminine is descending to find the Goddess. The Masculine follows the logic, and Feminine follows the emotions. The secret ingredient is to dare to sit with it and let it teach you, whatever it wants to teach. And if you are doing good, there will be a time where that two will finally meet.

And when Siddhartha finally managed to hold his dying Kamala in his arms, perhaps in that exact moment finally they truly meet at last to see each other crystal clear and an integration taking place, where Kamala found her greatly missed understanding, and Siddhartha reawakened his blocked emotions.

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