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Frida and me

Updated: May 17, 2023

When I was searching about the life of Frida, the first thought what came to my mind, that she got the hardest master she could have through the path of pain. But it is also the path what is going to the deepest corner, to show you something, which is hidden deep down, where nobody dares to look. The question is if you manage to transmute the wisdom what is entrusted to you?

Frida's life was speaking to me from the very beginning, where she had the bus accident, since her story reawakened mine.

It was 11th June 1988 when I stepped on that road without careful observation and ended up in a coma for 5 days, and a broken femur. I was much luckier than Frida. My leg was saved, and I had an amazing memory from that experience during my coma, so I 'came back' with a message that LOVE is the most important thing in the world.

One year later, I became 10 years old, it was 1989, a big year in history. Ceausescu's dictatorship finally ended in our neighborhood and me... I was finally freed from the crutches. The newspapers were full about the shot of Ceausescu and about a guy, our hero, who swam across the Dune river to reach my country in order to save his life. The Great Hero, who testified his physical strength and bravery to run away. What the newspaper forgot to mention was that he left behind his mother and his sister and he raped the first girl he found, who happened to be me. I learnt one thing at that time: media never tells the truth. I remember hiding and locking myself in a public restroom and desperately trying to wash it down, all the dirt he put on me. I felt I lost all the sacredness, I was kicked out from Heaven, burred in shame which was all over me and it did not matter how much I tried to scratch it off, it was everywhere, even under my skin. I lost my faith. I became silent and extremely aggressive with all the guys who dared to approach me and I was unable to tell it to anyone for ten years. I just could not understand why I was sent back from death with a message of love to be raped a year later? This question is something burning deep down in me.

May be that was the why what put me up in a path to stand up for women rights and be supersensitive for that matter. All I know that somehow, I ended up in the Middle East, following my passion of flying, and I found my war I was looking for. It took ten years, and I became an 'experienced warrior'.

Who would ever think that my dreamy escape path to the lovely Greenland, will be the place of another series of sexual harassments.

When you graduate through the Master of Pain, you have to prepare yourself, as your journey will go and show you places, which hardly visited by else. The place where the diamonds are forming from every single breakage of your heart.

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