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Freedom Convoy

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Such a time to be alive and experience all of the events.

When Humanity standing up as ONE -despite all the efforts of creating segregation - marching to the capital to get back their freedom.

After two years listening all the fearmongering news from all around the world, one of the most restricted country stood up and showed the most incredible way of peaceful demonstration, which only HUMAN is capable to do. And with this movement, they wrote History.

Few great organizers set up a carefully organized plan in love, peace and unity. The foundation they have created led to a way greater impact than it was expected.

When they set up a found to base the mission financially, they would never dream that it reaches more than 6 million Canadian dollars, nor did they imagine 100 km line of vehicles, which keeps growing.

But when something is set on the right foundation, it is unstoppable.

The convoy started despite all the negative voices and right now it looks like it is growing into the size which is enough to break the Guinness records.

But that is not all. While the convoy is still marching towards the capital, it showed something exceptional.

It brought people together, vaccinated and unvaccinated, rich and poor, young and old and we could see them standing on the side of the road in minus 30 degree to cheering the drivers, bringing food for them, showing support, love and unity towards each other.

In the darkest time, people has come together in love and support to stand up for freedom, to show the world that everything is possible if HUMANITY reaches back to its true root of resilience.

And they have done it.

They have shown it to the entire World.

And we hear you CANADA.

From every corner of the world.

And we are with you.