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Feminine Rising

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Let's speak about the men population in this patriarchal dominion, who demand rights over women, who believe that women are their property and can use and abuse them as they like and punishing them if they wish.

Or let's speak about that certain women population who assimilated and accepted the patriarchal dominion so much that they became the slaves of it and ruin their own gender with a hope to gain a portion from the dominion.

Let's speak about the other genders - acknowledged by the ancient native American cultures before time - who are always under attack.

Facing false accusation, slanders, disrespectful and humiliating offers is very hard to handle in daily bases and it is not limited into certain region. It is everywhere.

The more educated, enlightened you are the more threat you receive, because you are the danger of the system.

When I had a discussion with an other Priestess, a sister of mine, she wisely told me in case of humiliation, you can do one thing, look into the eyes of the situation, feel it, let it through you and thanks for it. What is going through you, can not hurt you just if you resist.

What is going through you is an energy of attack. The attack against that pure life force pulsating and rising in you. Because even if you are silenced, your existence and present shines over the place and radiates that energy. And you have a voice. That energy speaks through you, protect you and lift you up.

You came from the Womb,. You came from Mother Earth and you are the president of that life source. You are entitled to all the gifts Mother Earth has, and you have the source inside you to connect to the eternal power of Life. Anytime, anywhere... it is inside you.

Let Mother Earth take care of the rest. It is the time of no action. It is the time to observe, be present and feel. It is the time to see, to clear your vision. It is the time to understand and connect the dots. It is the time to prepare.... Prepare for something much more bigger to come. Prepare to the feminine rising.

photo source: unknown

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