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Eros and Logos -Feminine and Masculine - Heart and Brain

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

In a healthy body, heart and brain work in harmony with each other. They are equally important, both of them are essential, but they have completely different tasks.

They can not exist without each other.

There is a theory of Jung, which I would like to draw parallels to this idea. That theory describes Eros and Logos as the two complementing / opposing elements to create the ALL.

Eros is the Feminine Principle, which is responsible for intuition and to understand and transform emotional impacts. That could be the heart function.

While Logos is the Masculine Principle, which represents the logical side, therefore that could be the brain function.

We can go deeper in that idea and see Logos representing Atman in the Buddhist theories. In that case it would be described as the Alpha and Omega, the life essence of the Universe, the energy of 'I', the creative power. But it is always combined with a passive energy, representing the silence the empty space where the creation taking place. That one is the dark matter, which is actually never empty but deep and full of undiscovered elements. This could be the Eros.

If the previously mentioned duality of Eros-Logos or heart-brain is used to describe our today's Patriarchal Society, it can be seen that the priority is given to the brain over the heart, while the heart is being suppressed. The result is an imbalance state between the brain and heart, which will cause disease in the organs of the human body, just like it can cause problems, and can lead to uncontrolled emotional outburst, or war in Patriarchal Society.

So what is the real role of the Heart? And why is it so important for today's society?