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Updated: Aug 29, 2021

Just a kind reminder: we got emotions for a reason. We did not get them to suppress them or ban them out. The “Only Positive Vibes” mentality will steal you off from your own deepness.

If you have those heavy feelings - I bet you have, especially if you are an empath and you fell the whole world suffering in front of thousands glances of ignorance - do not ban them out like a kind of cancer.

Sit with them, let them go through you, do not rush it, listen to them, let them reach those areas of your soul, which are locked away for security reason for so long. Let these feelings wash it through. Listen to them, learn from them, let them cleanse you out, let them inspire you, and just after let them go.

All feelings has a purpose.

Use them all.

All come to teach you. ❤️

Special thanks for Alex Koh for the inspiration.

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