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Easy Child, Easy.... you are transcending borders by the No-Man land

Legends speaks about a place called No-Man land. You may not find it in the map.

It is most probably a gap between the 3rd and 4th stage, somewhere in limbo after the jump.

This is the land what does not belong, where the false identity of the ego is not enough anymore. Job, nationality, religion, and all the other titles do not hold any value here.

It is the place of letting go, the place of surrender.

The No-Man land is deserted for a reason. It takes ages to find an entrance and it takes everything of yours to get out.

But still, it is the only place, where you can meet with Her.

She is the Ancient One, the Mother, the One who holds the power above all creation, the third one of the Feminine Trinity; the One, who’s name was not allowed to mention.

May you recall Her from your memory. She is part of you, and appears in so many old tales in the form of Baba Yaga. She is the one who tricks you, steals everything what you called value, and forces you to face with your greatest nightmares.

But the gift she gives you - if you passed all her tests - is one of a kind. She will guide you back to your own Soul, which you lost during the separation of your birth.

She will reconnect you as deep as your vessel can hold of it.

So what is the journey of the No-Man land about? It is the journey to learn to tame the Winds. The reconnection with your Soul has several aspects and each of them has different keys to handle, and different skills to give.

The first one, you will get is the Mustang. The ancient wild power, the one, which is denied and cut off from the Feminine for centuries.

You have to understand her, connect to her, and breath with her to feel it as part of you, and keep it in. She will come with an enormous fire and if you wont learn how to tame it, it will destroy you. It is like a red shoes forcing you to dance. You have to hold the fire in, and learn to dance without spitting flames.

The second one will come only when you learned the dance and when you are ready to stand absolutely still no matter what. She will come as a Butterfly. The gift she brings will open your senses to the slightest vibrational resonance to read, recognize, and use them. These are the ones, the finest, purest ones, which can cause tornedo on the other end of the world.

Do you see now, what the No-Man land holds for you?

So easy child, easy... because with every single steps you make, you are transcending borders...

A3, charcoal drawing

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